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Possessed is a Fetish-wear brand catering to sex-workers, freaks, queers, and nightlife superstars.

Founded in 2015 by Puerto Rican designer Grisel Lopez, Possessed holds a strong commitment to quality and construction.

All designs are made in NYC by a queer team from the highest quality materials such as Leather, PVC and Latex.


This Puerto Rican Designer's Fetishwear Line Is Universally Kinky

“Born in Puerto Rico, Lopez left the island four years ago with the groundwork for Possessed, their original fetishwear line, already laid… Today, their client list sparkles with top-notch names: Kali Uchis, Lil' Kim, Susanne Bartsch, Nelly Furtado, and even Lady Gaga. “


Style Profile: Fetish Designer Grisel Lopez

“Their advice for someone seeking their own personal style is to focus on their identity and enhance it with different textures and layers of clothing and accessories without fear of being judged.

We photographed Grisel wearing garments from their personal collection, available to view below.”


REVOLUTIONERE, DRØME's inaugural NYFW show and Volume II launch, was a power grab back from an oppressive administration. Featuring twelve designers dressing the who's who of the young art community in New York City, REVOLUTIONERE showed that Artists' voices are heard the loudest when threatened by powers that are meant to protect.